How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

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As guys, we’ve all been there haven’t we?

There’s a girl you’re really attracted to - who you really, REALLY like - and you think to yourself, “If I could just tell her how much I like her, then maybe I can persuade her to go out with me”.

That’s the kind of logic we have swimming around in our heads as guys. It all seems so LOGICAL to us.

But there’s a problem. A BIG problem.

When it comes to attraction, women respond more to EMOTION than logic. It’s a girl’s emotions that ultimately decide which guy she falls for, and who she rejects. ‘Logic’ has very little to do to it.

In fact, if you try to tell a girl you like her you’re almost GUARANTEED to screw up your chances with her. Telling a girl you like her is just about the WORST thing you can possibly do at the start of a relationship.

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Well let’s look at the whole situation from HER perspective, so you can understand why it all goes horribly wrong for you when you tell a girl you like her:

Imagine for a moment that you’re a beautiful woman. Guys give you loads of attention all the time, always compliment you about your looks, and they generally try to ‘win’ your attention and get your approval with the things they say and do.

In fact, imagine that this happens every single day of your life, until all those approval-seeking guys become one giant blob of ‘sameness’ in your mind. You just lump them all together in the same category in your head.

So when a guy she’s just met blurts out how much he ‘likes’ her, she immediately thinks to herself, “Yawn - Here’s yet ANOTHER boring and predictable guy telling me how much he likes me. And he doesn’t even know me! He’s just controlled by his emotions like every other guy out there. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn”.

Telling a girl you like her is like committing SUICIDE! Don’t do it!

Not only will you ruin any chances by getting thrown into her “just like every other guy” category, but you also put her in total control of the situation. And that is totally unattractive to her.

For the most part, women like to be led in relationships. They appreciate decisions being made for them. So when you start telling her how much you like her - and hand over control of the decision-making - you lose out massively.

It’s a big no-no.

Remember, women are EMOTIONAL creatures. No amount of trying to ‘win her over with logic’ is going to ‘persuade’ her to like you. Because it totally misses the part of her that governs how attracted she feels about you: Her emotions.

So quit searching for information on how to tell a girl you like her, and instead focus on learning approaches that actually work with women in the real world. You need a way to separate yourself from being “just like every other guy”, and for that you need a different strategy.

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